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Hi, I'm Jen.

I'm a wife, mom, and Certified Public Accountant. After leaving my corporate job, I started a personal finance blog in 2014 and paid off six-figures in student loans. I understand your struggle, because I've been there.

Whether you don’t have enough money to pay your bills or have a lot of money but don’t know if you’re spending and saving like you should, I get it.

Having both technical and personal experience with money, I can help you gain the confidence you need to manage your day-to-day finances.

first step - financial clarity

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"Had my first session with Jennifer and it was so helpful! We have been just barely keeping our head above water lately and have major life changes coming up. She helped me see how I can make it all work without judging me. She didn't simply say "eat out less and clip coupons". She has an excellent way of breaking things down and making them understandable. I cannot wait to get started with her plan!"

Laura V.

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